Like many Fortnite skins, J Balvin is yet another collaboration and Icon skin. J Balvin had been heavily rumored and leaked before finally being confirmed by Epic Games. Now, he’s getting his own tournament, much like many other collaborations have gotten. Gamora, Cammy and Wonder Woman all recently had their own cups, indicating that Fortnite may be doing this for a lot of their big name skins in the future.

In addition to the skin, there will be a J Balvin-inspired experience in Fortnite called “La Fiesta.” It will run from August 26 to September 9 and again from August 24-31. With the J Balvin skin being free for certain J Balvin Cup participants, many players will be able to acquire the Latin pop star for free before it hits the item shop on the 26th.

J Balvin skin in Fortnite: How to redeem

How to get a free J Balvin Fortnite skin in Season 7, Hurry up!
How to get a free J Balvin Fortnite skin in Season 7, Hurry up!

The J Balvin skin will have two variations: Energia Balvin Style and Skeleton Balvin Style. He will come with one emote, a pickaxe, a back bling and a glider. The emote is “In Da Getto,” which features music from the song of the same name by Skrillex and J Balvin. also read other articles about korean drama a girl who can see smell.

These will be available in a J Balvin bundle as well as individually. The skin will likely cost 1,500 V-Bucks and the bundle will probably be 2,500-3,000 V-Bucks. All items will hit the Item Shop on August 26 at 8 pm EST, two days after the J Balvin Cup.

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It will be another Duos tournament, and top placing teams from each region will be awarded the J Balvin skin as well as his back bling and pickaxe. The scoring remains the same as previous cups.

Cup participants will have three hours to earn as many points as they can to place within the top percentage of teams from their region and unlock the J Balvin skin. This is under the Compete tab in Fortnite.

As you’ve probably come to expect, the tournament will last for approximately 3 hours, with players able to complete a maximum of 10 matches. Points are awarded for both eliminations and placement based on the following format:

Scoring System

Victory Royale: 42 Points

2nd: 36 Points

3rd: 32 Points

4th: 30 Points

5th: 29 Points

6th: 28 Points

7th: 27 Points

8th: 26 Points

9th: 25 Points

10th: 24 Points

11th: 23 Points

12th: 22 Points

13th: 21 Points

14th: 20 Points

15th: 19 Points

16th: 18 Points

17th: 17 Points

18th: 16 Points

19th: 15 Points

20th: 14 Points

21st: 13 Points

22nd: 12 Points

23rd: 11 Points

24th: 10 Points

25th-29th: 9 Points

30th-34th: 6 Points

35th-39th: 3 Points

40th-44th: 2 Points

45th-50th: 1 Point

Each Elimination: 1 Point



Top 2,500 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe

NA East

Top 1,250 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe

NA West

Top 500 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe


Top 1,000 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe


Top 250 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe


Top 250 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe

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Middle East

Top 250 Duos: J Balvin Outfit and Back Bling/Pickaxe

As always, make sure that both you and your partner are at Epic account level 30 or above and have Two-Factor Authentication set up. For full details and entry requirements read the J Balvin Cup Official Rules. Also read other articles about lightweight video editing applications on PC.

Track your performance during the event on our live J Balvin Cup leaderboards. Good luck!